Students working on project

The two-part projects include both seminars in Switzerland and abroad. Each project delivers a one-week preparatory seminar in Switzerland open to all final-year students from the Schools of Business, Engineering and Life Sciences (plus other FHNW Schools on application) as well as international students from our broad network of partner universities worldwide. The preparatory seminar offers the participants an insight into the country, the business environment and the socio-economic and demographic challenges facing the country. Speakers from industry, embassies and trade organisations, chambers of commerce as well as FHNW lecturers offer the participants a comprehensive seminar. In the international phase, each project takes an interdisciplinary delegation of between twenty and thirty students and staff to travel to their chosen country. The two-week programme includes visits to three or four cities or regions and focuses on investigating a defined theme through visits to industry partners, government departments and embassies, social projects, partner universities and trade promotion agencies such as chambers of commerce.

The knowledge, networks and experience of the School of Business and the industry partners creates a supportive learning environment within which the students can develop and excel; delivers theoretical, applied and experiential learning opportunities; and reduces expenditure and risk.

As a public institution, the FHNW finances the preparatory seminars and all costs for lectures and staff fully. However, our resources do not allow us to sponsor the travelling costs for the highly-motivated final-year students selected to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity. This means we rely on the generosity and support of our sponsors to make these projects a reality.

To our knowledge, Insight China, Focus India, connectUS and exploreASEAN are unique within Switzerland due to their nature, their organisation and in particular the central role played by students in defining, organising and leading the projects. Their future success is especially due to the close and supporting relationship with the sponsors.

I, and the projects' supervising lecturers, hope you will look favourably on the students' sponsoring brochure and that you will join in supporting these projects in 2016/2017. Our student project teams look forward to discussing these challenging and educational projects personally with you.

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