International Student Projects

Since 2001, the FHNW School of Business has offered International Student Projects and in 2017, Insight China, Focus India, connectUS and exploreASEAN will again deliver international,
interdisciplinary, experiential learning opportunities for students and staff from across our university.
The projects occupy a key position in our international management education and are supported by the highest levels of the School of Business.

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China, India, USA & ASEAN

Within the School of Business Bachelor Programmes, four unique international student projects are offered in the graduating year.

Final-year students from a number of faculties may apply to participate in Insight China, Focus India , connectUS or exploreASEAN

„These projects build on two different blocks namely the Preparatory Seminar Week in Switzerland and on the Onsite seminar to a respective country or region with an interdisciplinary delegation.

As a part of the preparatory seminars of the international students projects, an intensive seminar week called „Intercultural Business Seminar Week“ is organized for international students.

A series of seminars as well as corporate visits enable once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet successful business managers, other students and executives in a variety of organizations in one of these dynamic, fast growing economies.

Additionally, the aim of the projects is to create an intercultural business context from which the participants can learn and share their background.“

The projects

Insight China 2016-2017

Insight China

Insight China is a prestigious project in its 15th anniversary year at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW).

Focus India 2016-2017

Focus India

Focus India is a flagship project within the bachelor degree program of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

connectUS 2016-2017


Launched in 2007, the primary goal if connectUS is to deepen future graduates’ business and intercultural understanding by linking theory with on-site experience in the US – the land of opportunity.

exploreASEAN 2016-2017


Starting our project by selecting the countries to be visited on the onsite trip, finding partners who support the idea of accessing ASEAN and organizing a preparatory seminar are seen as the main tasks.

Project Partnes 2016 / 2017

MAIN-JOINT PARTNER, all 4 projects